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Trust over 50 years of experience in clock repair.

We've been servicing clocks since 1963

Is your clock large? We'll come to you

We are happy to service grandfather clocks in the Mason, OH and greater Cincinnati area. Your clock will

receive the same great care and attention it would get

in our shop.


We understand that grandfather clocks are unwieldy and difficult to transport. Don't risk the damage - call us to come to you.


Whether your grandfather clock needs a major repair, adjustment, general maintenance or a refinishing, we can do anything necessary to make your clock operate properly.

Set up an appointment




Whether your clock has been serviced in your home or in our shop, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our service. Contact us today for clock cleaning and repair services.

We're happy to service large clocks in your home. Let us repair your grandfather clock.

Call us to make an in-store or in-home appointment:

We service all types of clocks, including: grandfather clocks, atmos clocks, anniversary clocks, fusee clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, regulator clocks, pendulum & spring clocks, and cuckoo clocks. Avoid damage and have your clock repaired locally.

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